HK Audio PREMIUM PRO 112 XD2 Active 12″/1″ full-range, multifunctional speaker

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•Active 12″/1″ full-range, multifunctional speaker
•Now with a sturdy metal front grille with black acoustic foam backing
•Comes with the new HK Audio MultiGrips for significantly improved handling in any position
•1,200-watt Class D bi-amping
•With 3 x M8 flying points for safe installation with steel cables or chains using AP-8 attachment points
•Powerful DSP electronics with intuitive Plug ’n’ Play operation via preset selector
•Tone controller for quick adjustment of the sound characteristics (music/speech)
•FIR crossover with a slope of 48 dB per octave for better vertical dispersion
•Custom-designed speaker
•90° x 55° CD horn for wide dispersion and optimal sound
•Low-resonance wooden cabinet for powerful bass reproduction and a maximum sound pressure of up to 132 dB
•Compatible with PREMIUM PR:O legacy products

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A real all-rounder that can be used as a satellite, compact 12″/1″ full-range speaker or low-profile stage monitor. The well-balanced frequency response ensures low feedback and can be adapted to various applications using the Music/Speech controller. The integrated DSP-based power electronics with 1,200 watts of power make the PR:O 112 XD2 a very flexible sound tool. Safe and comfortable handling from any position is guaranteed thanks to the MultiGrip.


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